Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register for SMAD day?

No. Walk-ins may register on site, but you will be able to participate on a first-come, first served format. Those who pre-register will be given lunch and priority for the resume / portfolio review along with SMAD SWAG registration materials.

Can I attend without participating the resume / portfolio review?

Yes. Do not select an appointment time for resume review in the online registration system.

What are the Covid protocols?

As of August 16, 2021, all visitors, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear masks in indoor spaces on university property. Rooms will not exceed capacity numbers so make sure to get a seat in those SMAD Day sessions you don’t want to miss! We look forward to welcoming you to campus and appreciate your help in maintaining a safe environment for all our guests, students, faculty and staff.

What should I wear?

If you are planning to participate in the resume / portfolio review and career fair, you should consider business casual to set a good first impression.

For Alumni & general attendees, consider wearing your SMAD swag or JMU colors.

What should I bring for the day?

Any materials you want to share (resumes, your laptop, etc.) and a smile!

Do I need to attend all day?

No, but make sure to check the schedule (in-person and virtual) so you can hit the events that are most relevant to your interests.

What should I bring for the resume / portfolio review / career fair?

Bring at least 5 printed copies of your resume to share with Alumni & Job Fair presenters. Keep a copy for yourself to make notes throughout your review session.

Your portfolio can include finished pieces, work in progress, and sketchbooks. Be able to explain why each project is important. Rehearse your presentation.

What is the review format?

It depends on each concentration, but most reviews will be in a round robin / speed dating format.

Can I present my portfolio digitally?

You may present your portfolio digitally, but consider bringing a laptop or tablet to display your portfolio. SMAD labs will not be available for in-person participants. Notify the room / concentration coordinator when you arrive for SMAD day if there are special considerations.

It is your responsibility to be prepared and check the wifi and/or make sure your laptop battery is charged. Technical support and charging stations will not be provided.

Will there be food? 

Yes, lunch will be provided to those who pre-registered. Alumni are welcome to arrive starting at 8 a.m. to mingle and get coffee and a continental breakfast.